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Holiday Meals

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Family Recreation

Arts and Crafts

Better Mom and Dad
Design your own personal parenting course that is guided by a professional consultant and tailored to your individual needs.

BLAST - Babies Love A Support Team
A community outreach team that is centered around pregnancy and parenting education. This program focuses on key issues such as promoting prenatal care, improving birth outcomes and minimizing health disparities. The sessions and activities are bilingual for moms and dads that are pregnant or parenting infants under the age of 2 years. Sessions and activities are given at the center, local community sites (school, library, etc.), and even in your home.

Marriage Preparation

Benefits of Premarital Education

Enhancing Your Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills to Enrich Your Relationship

Learning the Key Components of a Successful Marriage

Receiving a $60 Discount on Marriage License Fees

Waiver of the 3-day Waiting Period

Family members are welcome to attend!