Dad to Be

I would like to say thank you for all of your consideration. I first met you guys through Mrs. Melanie Charleston via a referral to counsel young men going into fatherhood. However, it was me who needed counseling. I learned so much from you guys about the process of parenting from pre-gestation, communicating with your partner/spouse, to post gestation in learning how to swaddle. It was scary to be in college and having a baby, but you guys helped us to seek peace in Christ and overcome the anxiety. I thought that being a man; you have to have all of the answers, be able to pay all of the bills, and have to ask nobody for help when you get married and have a baby. I also thought that your life is over once you get pregnant. You guys showed me that all of those things were lies from Satan.

This process taught me a lot about myself in that when you have areas of uncertainty in your life, we are to trust in Christ through the panic and that the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will help us to keep that faith. You guys were vessels of that peace and how God always provides just as he did with Elijah using the Ravens to bring fruits and nuts to him while he was in the wilderness. You guys have been our ravens and we are greatly thankful for your service. You guys also taught me how to encourage Leslie in being a great mother and wife, that she doesn’t have to have all of the mommy answers, doesn’t have to keep her hair and nails done, but she can be herself 100 percent of the time. Boosting her confidence helped me to boost mine in being a dad. We learned how to effectively communicate with each other when it came to our differences and how to compromise with each other. Instead of arguing, we sit down with one another, listen to one another, and we ask the right questions so that we can see the situation from each other’s viewpoint. We pray to God for the best decision. I don’t know what our lives would have been like without you guys giving and care towards us and I don’t want to know because of how great our lives are now. We are and will be forever indebted to you guys.

We plan on volunteering at a local pregnancy center in Dallas and eventually returning to the Waller/Prairie View Area to spread the support to the community through mentoring, tutoring, donating, and encouraging all to invest in their community. You guys are a part of the community as a resource to others and we all should live by that model. I want to mentor young men going into fatherhood and I also want to provide young couples with support who may be in similar situations as we were. People don’t know that these resources are available to them and I want to be on the forefront in giving out this information to help people keep the faith in Christ though individuals willing to serve unconditionally.

Thank you so much for your help, love, support and encouragement and we hope to do the same as you guys—for you all have been a model for us in doing so.



Pregnant and Unsure

I came to Waller Pregnancy Care Center (WPCC) confused, angry, uncertain, crying, and numb. There were many thoughts reeling through my mind. I felt like life was ending for me and I was caught up in a whirlwind of emotions. From the start of the initial process, the staff welcomed me with such love, kindness and support. As I spoke with my life advocate, I was able to layout all of my concerns before her without any judgments—one being abortion minded. She informed me of the multitude of services the Center provided and ensured me that I was not alone in choosing life for my baby. My heart was easing knowing I had support and encouragement from the pregnancy center as I embarked along this new journey.

When I found out about my pregnancy, I struggled in my decision making due to the lack of support from my child’s father. Selfishness and fear made me believe that this was the worst experience of my life when it was an act of God. I had several follow-up phone calls with my counselor who guided me along the process of acquiring the medical and legal assistance. I noticed every time we spoke I felt more confident about being able to follow through with the pregnancy; however, I kept thinking about my new reality and trying to make sense of it all.

One night I was awakened and the thought came, ‘I’ll find strength in knowing that one day my child will thank me for giving him/her a chance at life.’ Tears began to roll down my face and in that point I had peace. It was settled! I realized what I was most vexed about was no longer an issue. WPCC staff gave me the support, the knowledge and the resources I needed in order to choose life for my unborn child. I can’t express in words the magnitude of my appreciation for them and all they do for women like myself who find ourselves in life’s uncertain circumstances. Now, I am smiling more and more each day. Don’t let the enemy rob you of one of the biggest blessings of your life. I am thankful for the wisdom, support, and resources that the Waller Pregnancy Care Center provided me with from the beginning. I can do this!”

“It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, and it’s a new life for me. And I’m feeling good.” – Nina Simone

— Ashley