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Told from the witness of Lottia Blount, Executive Director of WTL-Outreach

Told from the witness of Lottia Blount, Executive Director of WTL-Outreach

Meet Chatnea, a nineteen-year-old junior at PVAMU facing an unplanned pregnancy with law school in her future. With the odds stacked against her, she was lost, uncertain, and ready to abort her unborn child.

Chatnea would walk into the pregnancy center and say, “I am aborting this baby.” I would repeatedly say to Chatnea, “May the Spirit of the Lord rest upon you. You are your own woman that must make your own decisions.”

I asked if she would like to have an ultrasound done. I explained she owes herself that much — to ensure it is really a baby before she decided to spend a lot of money on a procedure you may not even need. Often we send our clients to New Beginnings Pregnancy Center in Brenham. She agreed and went to get an ultrasound. It was then that Chatnea heard her baby’s heartbeat and I saw her smile for the first time.

However, morning sickness was getting the best of Chatnea and aborting her baby seemed to be more of a viable option even at 20 weeks pregnant. I gathered a few life team advocates to help tidy what seemed to Chatnea such a disastrous life. From her room to her physical appearance, our team stepped in as God’s helping hands speaking life into her every step of the way.

After much prayer, counseling, and teaching her about her pregnancy, Chatnea made a decision to choose life at 20 weeks. How awesome it was to see her fall in Love with her unborn baby! What a journey it has been since meeting her at 4 weeks pregnant.

She made friends at the center during her visits as Chatnea was not our only college student. We took the opportunity to share the love of Jesus Christ. Together, our clients studied God’s word and go on to become friends and each other’s support.

Chatnea delivered a beautiful baby girl named Peyton on September 24, 2016. It was a blessing to see Peyton in the flesh. You made it Peyton! Your mommy fell in love with her unborn baby. She graduated college three months after delivering with her Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice. Look at the work of God — two major milestones completed.

Many clients come in with a variety of concerns. Before Chatnea chose life, her biggest concern was achieving her dream of law school without any support. This was due to her family being located on the east coast, a lack of friends, and a child’s father who was inconsistent at best. Chatnea was afraid to share her decision with her mother because she feared possible abandonment.

At 19 weeks she said, “I’m about to tell her. Pray for me.” We prayed continuously. Even still, the initial conversation did not go well and Chatnea went back to wanting an abortion just a few days shy of 20 weeks. The power of prayer is amazing. A few days later her mother apologized and said God wanted her there for her and her granddaughter.

Fast forward to present day, Chatnea is a first year law student in North Carolina, where she also is serving as a volunteer for a District Judge. Chatnea and Peyton are beautiful together — mother and daughter!